E-State Management, LLC

| Serving Lawrence, KS
(785) 312-9945

About Us

Local Expertise, Professional Results

E-State Management, L.L.C. was founded by a deeply rooted Lawrence native, an entrepreneur, who has been in business for over thirty-five years, wanting to make a lasting impression and wanting to make a difference. From creating and maintaining beautiful homes for the people of Lawrence to implementing and designing a management company, ensuring that people receive quality, care and world-class service. E-State Management intends to support small business and add a source of income for the community by creating employment opportunities for knowledgeable, experienced, hard-working and caring individuals. Our innovative business model integrates the customer service and management disciplines of the institutional property management industry at a local level.

Areas We Serve

  • KU
  • KU Athletics
  • East Lawrence Business Park
  • Lawrence Bus Route
  • Industrial Park
  • Interstate 70
  • K-10 South Lawrence Traffic Way
  • US Route 59